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New game!

2009-12-17 16:06:22 by SyndromeGames

Me and an artist, (Manuel-Dangelo) are working on a game collaboration together. It will be a puzzle/platformer involving quick reaction time for moving the character, and clicking ghosts to repel them and you will be clicking chains to drop spikes onto bad guys! It is going along very fluidly at the moment. We are expecting it to be done before the new year. A screenshot is shown at the bottom of the post.

<><><><><>Current Progress<><><><><>

Player Artwork - Finished

Movement code - Finished

Ghost Artwork - Finished

Test level - Finished

Ghost Enemy - Finished

Ghost repel code - Finished

Tutorial level 1 terrain - Finished

Tutorial character artwork - In Progress

Tutorial Level - In Progress

Level 2 artwork - Finished

Wheel enemy graphics/animation - Finished

New game!


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2009-12-17 16:20:04

Looks interesting.


2009-12-25 16:50:45

That actually looks pretty good.


2009-12-25 17:25:43

Looks nice.


2009-12-31 15:54:58

Lookin' cool.