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New Game

2009-12-09 18:31:42 by SyndromeGames

Hey, I just uploaded a new game, how do you think I can improve it?

It is a platformer.


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2009-12-09 20:21:01

It's not bad!
I think the visuals need a little work.

SyndromeGames responds:

Thanks fror the response! I will work on it.


2009-12-09 20:54:09

I like it. It's cool how each level has a unique twist. Two suggestions:

1. Sometimes when I jump, then jump right after I land it doesn't work.
2. After a certain point, the sound just stops for awhile, a more continuous loop
would be nice.

Other than that, nice game. I smell a sequal with a story and a save feature maybe?

SyndromeGames responds:

Well, i am working on something much like a sequel. (:


2009-12-10 09:29:41

What do you mean improve? Just give up on it already and start on another game!


2009-12-16 00:57:18

i think its been blammed =( i was looking foward 2 play lol o well